The Best Bars and Restaurants on Jesolo Beach


Where eating and drinking become an experience, for a holiday dedicated to taste

Jesolo, in addition to being one of the most enchanting locations on the Adriatic Riviera, is a true paradise for foodies. While it may be somewhat predictable to discuss its wonderful beaches and opportunities for relaxation, entertainment, and sport, it would indeed be immoral not to linger on the excellent – it is the right thing to say – opportunities to enjoy great cuisine while in the vicinity. Below, we offer you a list of the best bars and restaurants on Jesolo Beach (and not only): buon appetito!

Al Traghetto

Fraction of Cortellazzo, on the border with Eraclea

This restaurant claims its origins from a fishermen’s tavern, and distinctly stands out from the mass of tourist spots, also thanks to its position, among the remnants of the old fishing village. Open since 1964, it continues the tradition of fresh fish from the mouth of the Piave: today, as in the past, it is served fried or roasted, accompanied by hand-shelled corn cobs. The fish arrives fresh daily from the Caorle market, and the kitchen showcases several Venetian specialties, offering some contemporary cuisine gems.


Lido di Jesolo

Intimate and minimal chic spaces for this restaurant located within the Albatros Hotel, strongly guided by two chefs who love Italian and Mediterranean cuisine – mostly fish, with unexpected exotic touches. A menu with personality, created from the finest ingredients from the Venetian lagoon, the Adriatic, and the Veneto hinterland. Flawless wine list, wide selection of vodka. Noteworthy is the splendid terrace: a peaceful oasis just steps from the sea.

Al Torcio

Jesolo Promenade

This wonderful restaurant, 500 meters from the promenade, guides diners through a timeless experience within spaces with various rooms of different sizes and a large summer terrace, capable of lending themselves to more intimate dinners as well as convivial tables. The offering is vast and ranges from the freshest fish to meat, not forgetting wood-fired pizza.


Lido di Jesolo

This restaurant, with a marvelous view of the sea and Jesolo beach, is located inside the Boutique Hotel Casabianca al Mare but is also accessible to those not staying there. The Chef, with a life spent abroad, takes care of guests with a variety of proposals, detailed to the smallest detail. In the dining room, a beautiful wine list accompanies a contemporary and innovative offer, with an eye to evergreens such as crudité and fried foods.


Lido di Jesolo

The 44 Lifestyle hotel hosts Jolà on the ground floor, in a space where sophisticated informality, supported by an original and meticulous choice of raw materials and lots of fusion-style creativity, reigns supreme. You can experience the surprise tasting or choose a la carte, to range from land dishes to sea delights, passing through a proposal of tasty vegetarian options.


Lido di Jesolo

Flora is a contemporary venue characterized by an environment filled with elegance and attention to the smallest detail. The gastronomic offering aims to valorize local raw materials, with great attention to the seasonality of the products, and is well summarized in the full name of the restaurant: “Flora: cuisine, shop, wine”. We highly recommend trying this restaurant, especially for the skill of the Chef, which at least once in a lifetime, must be personally tested!

I Barbabolle

Lido di Jesolo

Here’s a hearty and friendly place, a modern-day tavern with modern environments characterized by touches of luminous essentiality. The selection of wines and champagnes is broad, perfect to underline the dynamic kitchen of the chef, capable of satisfying customers’ gluttony even outside the usual kitchen opening hours.

Da Guido


This restaurant is located further from the lido, but it repays with comfortable spaces rich in originality: during the summer it is possible to eat in a large external garden, perfect for relaxing after a day at the sea. In this regard, the offer mainly consists of dishes from the maritime tradition, with raw materials selected directly at the Caorle fish market and from the nearby Croatian coasts.

Locanda Al Ponte De Fero


Now let’s move to a “locanda” inside an ancient farmhouse from the late nineteenth century located in the historic center of Jesolo. The culinary offer is strongly oriented towards rediscovering tradition, with dishes based on fish or meat, prepared according to the original recipes of Venetian peasant culture and using exclusively local and seasonal raw materials. The wine list is also very rich.

Pizzeria Capri

Lido di Jesolo

“Healthy. Different. Pizza.” This is the claim with which you are welcomed at the pizzeria Capri, captained by the same mind behind a project of rediscovery, cultivation, and recovery of ancient grains, which will absolutely make you go crazy for Pizz’Antica, available in various versions, including round, in good company with a menu of digestible and tasty pizzas, stuffed with original products and always respecting seasonality and producers. Excellent choice of beers and wines.

Bar Al Botanico

Lido di Jesolo

A fresh, friendly, and lively place: Al Botanico a beautiful garden enhanced by a wise light design frames a bar with meticulous attention to detail. A must-stop for the cocktail list, noteworthy are the signature spritzes and the gin selection.


Lido di Jesolo

Craving Japanese? This restaurant is the right place for an immersion in the culinary tradition of the rising sun within a modern location and with a design of great impact. All you can eat or a la carte, the delicate and tasty menu offers dishes made with love, with top-choice ingredients.


Lido di Jesolo

Cocktail bar, restaurant, and wine bar, this eclectic venue executes the concept “Love, Drink & Cuisine” perfectly. Designed around a dynamic and innovative food & drink proposal, it can surprise with a mood inspired by the Caribbean with local contaminations. Great attention to the seasonality of the ingredients and a continuously evolving cocktail list. The highlight? Definitely the Secret Garden: a cozy and unique location in all of Jesolo Lido.

Vecio Piave

San Donà di Piave

Not exactly in Jesolo, but nestled in the countryside immediately adjacent to its beaches and lagoon valleys, this restaurant is an institution. The local menu offers a wide selection of seafood specialties – cooked, raw, and shellfish – as in the best Venetian tradition. The cellar also features a local selection. All that remains is to try it!

Aware that the gastronomic offer in Jesolo is constantly evolving, we hope that this quick overview has been useful to give you some ideas for your culinary raids, and that above all it has been stimulating in its diversity. Restaurants, wine bars, inns, pizzerias: here every palate will be satisfied, always respecting the freshness of the ingredients and preparations – whether they are traditional or more original. Even in terms of settings, Jesolo – and this list represents it well – offers atmospheres from the most romantic and subdued to the more informal and convivial. The choice is yours.